Helicopter Hell!

OK, it has been nearly 12 hours since this event, but..... This morning at about 5:50 AM I was rudely awoken by the sound of a helicopter hovering over my building. This pulled me from bed an hour before I usually get up, forced me to make coffee, and sit there listening to the alarmingly loud noise of the helicopter above.
Now I have heard helicopters in the Looop many many times since I moved here, but usually early on a Sunday morning, and usually to lift giant air conditioning units to roof tops of the buildings around here. The residents of my building also usually get a notice that this is going to occur allowing us to place pillows over our heads, stuff our ears full of cotton, or whatever....
Well, of course this is a weekday, and there was no warning. After about 25 minutes of listening to this increasingly annoying sound, I went over to the window to see if I could actually see the thing, and sure enough it was directly above. With my binoculars, I was able to determine that it was the CBS2 Helicopter, and not a police copter, or a heavy equipment copter. So I thought, there must be some major event going on in the Loop to cause this damn thing to hover overhead for so long, I must turn on channel 2 quickly to find out what is going on.
Well..... The hard hitting journalistic need for having a helicopter waking people out of sound sleep is due to the fact that there was a sale on wedding dresses at Filenes Basement at One N State, in which the doors opened at 8AM. Apparently, there were people camping out on the sidewalk all night, and Channel 2 felt the need to make this a newsworthy story, and broadcast live from the air at 6:15AM.
Finally, after 30 minutes of having a copter above and two cups of coffee, I was thoroughly awake. At the time I am writing this, I am thoroughly ready to fall asleep.
I have only one question, why couldn't the have sent a ground crew to cover such a news worthy event?


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