Unknown Loop Streets # 8... "West Couch Place"...

West Couch (pronounced like "pooch") Place is several blocks long, and made up of two sections. Located between Lake St and Randolph, it starts off at State for only a block to Dearborn, and then again at LaSalle through Wacker. This shot west taken directly from State (with zoom) shows the Goodman Theater sign in perfect alignment with the center of the block.

While wandering west, you come across the stage door for the Oriental Theater currently (and perhaps perpetually) showing Wicked.

At this point the street picks up again at LaSalle, and heads westward. This I found interesting, located just to the east of Wells, it looks like the remnants of an old cast iron store front (with decorative corbels and all) from the late 1800's. My guess is that this was quite likely a street with quite a bit more commerce in the decades following the great fire.

On the S.E. corner of N. Franklin and W. Couch Pl. I was able to actually find a street sign. This sign dating from 2001, it was the only one I was able to locate.

And finally, standing at Wacker looking east you can see the Thompson Center in the distance. (I liked the lady's red coat, but this is the best pic of the bunch I took here.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember seeing couch street, but near Halsted. Never knew it existed in the loop too.

6/15/2005 1:07 PM  

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