"Unknown Loop Streets #9"... "North Garvey Court"...

Sunlight is not well known on N Garvey Court. This is the only section that ever sees the light of day, as it leads down to Lower Wacker from Lake Street between Clark and Dearborn.

Looking down towards Lower Wacker from Lake, one can see that there isn't really much to this block. Why it has a name is a curious question.

Once down at the other end you can see the street sign on Lower Wacker indicating it is here. I didn't see a sign that indicated just where N Garvey Court leads to, but I would guess most people using it, know... Especially the cabbies...

Taken at the intersection of N Garvey and Lower Wacker, a gentle reminder that it is dark down here (and a rare use of my flash)...

Looking back towards Lake Street the light of day can be blinding.


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