A Slice of Pie in the Sky...

In honor of someone very very dear to my heart, today's posting is for you. Welcome to your new home! A real Chicago classic... Marina City.

On Wednesday my BF moved into Marina City. Completed in 1964, this was Bertrand Goldberg's answer to stopping the flow of city residents to the suburbs. He wanted to offer affordable housing packed with features, outdoor space, and amenities for the common man. The was the first of it's kind, combining commercial space for many different types of business, along with residential space including parking. Having had the opportunity to now see the inside, I can tell you it is quite unique. There is abundant storage, and wild 60's modernist touches, and at about 175 sq. ft., the balcony has the feeling of a yard in the sky.

The building went condo in the late 70's, and then went through difficult times in the 80's until the neighborhood finally caught up to it beginning in the 90's. Now it is part of a flourishing neighborhood, filled with life at most hours of the day, lot's of nearby shopping, and only a simple walk across the bridge to the Loop. Interestingly, in many way's this is still affordable housing in an area that has become unreachable for most of us. You would be hard pressed to find as much square footage for the dollar anywhere else in River North.
So... Here's to you Michael, welcome home, and welcome to what I would call a realistic paradise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of the "Jetson Towers", as my daughter and I lovingly refer to them. They are two of our favorite buildings in Chicago.

Enjoyin' the blog!


6/05/2005 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jetson towers - I LOVE IT!!!!! great pics...and major congrats mike. can't wait to see in person


6/06/2005 8:16 AM  

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