"Unknown Loop Street #14"... "North Garland Ct"...

I am sure you have been wondering what happened to my "Unknown..." series... Well, I haven't run out yet... (While it is getting slim pickins, I still have more...)

North Garland Ct (located between Wabash and Michigan running north from Madison.) is a street that has lived mostly in obscurity for more than one hundred years, but will soon become much better known. More on that in a moment.

The view from Washington looking south. Not the prettiest part of the street.

10 Downing Street... Pennsylvania Ave... And now I bring you 130 N Garland Ct. This will soon be the new home of our Benevolent Dictator... Hizzoner... Da Mare... Possible future convict?!?!, Richie Daley.
He and the "lil woman" Maggie recently purchased an upper floor duplex in this newly completed building. I am certain this street will have more notoriety than it's had in its entire history. This will be the first time a Daley has been a "North Sider". However, I have heard it rumured that Da Mare plans to move the North/South dividing line from Madison to Randolph to maintain his allegence to "Da Sox".

Across the street from Daley's new home. I am sure this is part of what he means by "Trees and bushes, trees and bushes, da city needs more trees and bushes" (and apparently tacky reproduction fountains).

Further north on N Garland, we find the back of a 19th century building with a "mid-century" parking garage plopped on top. I am sure that is what was intended by the original builder using those cast iron columns.

I hope my identity isn't in there.... Well, if it is, at least most of it is shredded. (Or is this Richie's new recycling bin?)

This section of N Garland (north from Randolph) has businesses, fancy street lights, a double yellow line, and plenty of no-parking signs.


Blogger John said...

I've never seen a mayor with such a fountain fetish. It goes to show he's more interested in creating objects than spaces, which fits in with Chicago's past. Even Millennium Park is more a collection of objects than a creation of space, regardless of how successful it is. Maybe one of these days the city will get a water wall, like Paley Park in Midtown NYC, and then we can have the best of both worlds: water and space.

8/04/2005 10:04 AM  
Blogger curtsy said...

I believe that the fountain was there for some time before construction even began for 130 N. Garland.

1/22/2006 12:18 AM  

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