Unknown Loop Streets #7... "West Haddock Place"...

Having done East Haddock Place last week, I felt it only appropriate to do it's west side counterpart today. Located between Wacker Drive and Lake Street, West Haddock Place stretches from Dearborn westward to North Post Place.

This section is where it dead ends at N Post Pl.

This sign posted at LaSalle and West Haddock was the only one I was able to locate.

Looking east from where the street sign is, you can see the R.R. Donnelly Bldg. and at the end is Leo Burnett.

Looking back west at Clark, a glimmer of sunshine casts it's glow upon the lovely West Haddock Place.

This is the weird part of the street. You see, the block between Clark and Dearborn was once an actual street, but has since been converted to a pedestrian walkway of sorts.

Please note: I have listed all of the previous postings of my "Unknown Loop Streets" Series on the right hand column for your convenience.


Anonymous chumpistry said...

Haddock Pl. made an appearance in the Trib today, as the northern boundary for a fire-caused power outage affecting CTA service in the Loop. I had never heard of it and ended up here in my search. Great idea and nice pictures all around.

2/08/2006 1:46 PM  

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