Tunnel (and style) Vision....

While recently waiting for a train at the Harrison Station, I was captured by the length of the platform without interruption. Taking photos in the Subway can be a challenge, there is rarely enough light to get a good picture. And I am sure the CTA likes it that way...

This station is not likely to be one of the renovated ones any time soon. But, it's condition isn't nearly as bad as many of the others.

This pic is unrelated to the pics above, but a good friend pointed this one out to me. Located at the Blue Line end of the Pedway at Dearborn and Washington... Clearly the fine craftsmanship of one or our very competent CTA Shop workers... This sign denotes the importance of using exact fare when styling when turning.... Perhaps the budget shortfall prevented the CTA from having a dictionary on hand, when producing this sign.


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