Unknown Loop Streets #5... "E Benton Place"...

This weeks Unknown Loop Street is one that is right out in the open, yet the name isn't known at all. East Benton Place.... Rolls right off the tongue with familiarity doesn't it?

(Side note: This series will continue each Wednesday for the next few months.)

This one block long street stretches from Wabash to State, between Randolph and Lake. While the eastern end is mostly used for parking and dumpsters...

The western end is all about entertainment as it contains the stage door for the Chicago Theater...

This sign for the Chicago Theater is a fantastic relic of the past which I fear will be much less visible when MOMO gets built.

I also wonder how MOMO (what a stupid name, can I just get that out of the way?) will impact this lovely little public plaza. I hope take advantage of the situation and gift the city with new street furniture.

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I also want to send out many thanks for e-mails and other feedback on my being mentioned in Blair Kamin's article today. While I feel a bit more exposed, perhaps that isn't such a bad thing.


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