The Berghoff....

I love the Berghoff buildings, both built in 1872 (only moments after the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire cooled down), they are among the oldest buildings in the Loop, and represent a part of Chicago that is quite unique and increasingly rare.

Back in early March I was walking along Adams when I came across the sun reflecting off of the Dearborn Center onto the front of the Berghoff Resturant. This made for some interesting images including the following two.

(Side note... Sorry there hasn't been many posts this past week or so, I have been battling bronchitis for almost two weeks, and it has worn me down. I hope to resume more frequency as I feel better.)

I especially like this one of the reflection of the sign in the second floor window. If only all of my images came out this good.

Last week I was walking by once again and thought about the pics I had taken in early March. I felt the need to capture more of the buildings.

RANT... As much as I am for progress and moving forward (and those who know me, know that I am all about life in a modern world) I feel it is important to retain parts of our history that continue to have relevance in today's world. Chicago could do a much better job balancing it's historical buildings with the need to create new space and buildings.


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