Unknown Loop Streets... "Re-Looped"...

Over the past several months, I have brought you semi/sorta weekly post on mostly unknown streets that fall within the primary grid of the Loop, yet are easily found on Google Maps. There have been streets known to transit users (W Quincy), known only to cabbies (N Post and N Garvey), and a couple that are just obscure (N MacChesney).

Well, I have finally run the course on streets that we all pass everyday, but never take the time to notice, or we think are just alley's (of which many of them have become over time). There are still a few lesser known streets (S Plymouth Court, S Financial Place, and S Federal St...) and I will do posts on them in the future, but they are much more obvious and for me, not quite as deserving.

I hope you have enjoyed my series, and for your viewing pleasure, I have included links to all 15 streets below. Enjoy!

  • #1 "N Macchesney Court"
  • #2 "W Court Place"
  • #3 "W Arcade Place"
  • #4 "N Post Place"
  • #5 "E Benton Place"
  • #6 "E Haddock Place"
  • #7 "W Haddock Place"
  • #8 "W Couch Place"
  • #9 "N Garvey Court"
  • #10 "N Holden Court"
  • #11 "W Marble Place"
  • #12 "Rookery Court"
  • #13 "W Quincy Street"
  • #14 "N Garland Court"
  • #15 "W Calhoun Place"


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