NYC #2- Subway Photography is Legal in NYC...

While in NYC, I did several shots of subway station interiors. NYC's subway system is filled with amazing areas of distance. Here is the ramp leading down to the mezzanine at the York Street Station in DUMBO.

The York Street platform is great for its unbroken sight lines. The other end of this platform leads nowhere, so there is rarely anybody there.

Another shot near the floor at York St. I am not one for direct contact with the floors of subway stations, so I would only go as far as being on my knee. Fortunately, I had my mini tri-pod with me.

Escalator at Delancy Street in the LES. This is the station where I encountered cops that were apparently un-informed about the fact that yes, it is legal to take photos in the subway. Thank you MTA for voting down the proposed photo ban!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I may be the ONLY person on the planet who doesn't know this, but what's DUMBO? (Or where?) I'm sure it's not a cute little elephant residing down in So. Cal., right?

Great shots! I love the pattern of the tiles by the escalator.


8/01/2005 12:32 PM  
Blogger Devyn said...

DUMBO stands for: "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass". A term created in the late 80's for the industrial area sandwiched between the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brookly Bridge in Brooklyn (or there abouts) This nabe was a gritty forgotten industrial area, infiltrated by artists when SOHO got too expensive, and is now gentrified with yuppies. It still has some of the look of a gritty area, but behind the facades are some very expensive homes.

8/01/2005 12:43 PM  
Blogger -- I said...

Is it legal to take photos in Chicago subways? Or is this a NYC only thing?

-- I

8/01/2005 1:09 PM  
Blogger Devyn said...

Here is a snippet from http://www.chicago-l.org/FAQ.html#1.4

"According to the CTA® Communications Department, they don't allow photography except for personal photos or the "occasional tourist shots". Photography is permitted as long as it is for personal, nonprofit, noncommercial use. All other photography -- news media, commercial, etc. -- requires approval and a permit from the CTA®"

8/01/2005 7:28 PM  
Blogger -- I said...

Thanks, looks like I'm in the clear ;-)

- I

8/01/2005 10:29 PM  

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