As Seen in River North...

When I am not in the Loop, I am often found wandering around River North (and occasionally as far north as Belmont). While on those wanderings, I often come across things I have passed by dozens of times, and yet have never seen.

Here are a few examples of some of my finds. Found this medallion over an un-used door on an SBC Building on North Dearborn, near Ontario.

Bugs! Found near the front door at Contemporaine (one of my favorite condo developments in Chicago), on the SW corner of Grand and Wells.

Not a common sight in River North any more, but here is a view of what would have been a common sight 20 years ago. Located at West Erie and Orleans, this building is of course undergoing conversion to condos.

154 East Superior. The only house on the block is currently being boxed in with new condo construction on both sides. I guess they didn't want to sell out.


Blogger kurt said...

love the weathered doors. It's nice to see that not everyone is selling out to the condo craze.

Keep up the great photo doc work. You've got a great eye.

7/13/2005 8:28 AM  

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