"It's Valet!"...

It's summer time, and inevitably when crossing the State Street bridge, on my way to or from Michael's place in Marina City, I hear tourists and/or suburbanites wondering aloud about how they would be afraid to park their car in the spiral garages of Marina City. So in answer to those tourists, "It's Valet!"

The valet parkers get up and down from the different floors on a continuously running "Manlift". Not quite an elevator, but really a giant bicycle chain, with small platforms to stand on and handles. The valet's jump on and jump off as needed. Certainly not something the public would ever be allowed to do (although it would be fun), and I would suspect in today's world of liability, not something that would be allowed to be built.

As a side note: The windowed space directly below the balconies is where the laundry room and storage lockers are for the apartments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

VERY Cool!

I always wondered how in the heck everyone managed to back their cars in so perfectly w/o any going a wee bit too far and splashing into the river! Now I know!

Tis very sweet having "friends" in high places! LOL

Keep 'em coming!


7/03/2005 1:10 PM  

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