Unknown Loop Streets #3... "W. Arcade Place"...

Squeezed between Madison and Monroe, and stretching for three and a half blocks, from Wacker to Madison, West Arcade Place has charms all it's own.

Cobblestones are not a common sight in the center of the Loop. The poles used to tether your horse are not old, they certainly wouldn't stop a determined horse.

This is the only north/south section of W Arcade Place, where it turns in the center of the block. It looks more like an alley, but it is an official street.

The East end of W. Arcade Place ends up on Madison between Clark and LaSalle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a new yorker - it continually amazes me how clean chicago keeps its alleys and smaller streets. great pics as usual looper!

4/26/2005 12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get a pic of the Court Restaurant in this alley. An obscure restaurant with American food from the fifties that has the lowest cafe counter I have ever seen anywhere. A real oddity.

11/11/2005 9:16 PM  
Blogger curtsy said...

It's actually called the Courtway, and, yes, it is quite a time capsule. One can suspect that the cause of death of these diner-saurs was constipation.

1/17/2006 12:48 PM  

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