Blair Kamin and Block 37...

I had the pleasure of meeting Blair Kamin (Architectural Critic for the Tribune) this afternoon on my way home from work. I was rounding the corner of Washington onto State when I saw him standing there, and without hesitation, I said hi to him. We chatted for a few minutes and briefly discussed Block 37. He said he is doing some work related to B-37, and I took the chance to offer a few of my thoughts. So today's post is for Blair Kamin and B-37. I have always thought highly of him, and am so glad I got the opportunity to meet him on my home turf.

This pic was taken last night during the gala event celebrating the 50th anniversary of our first King Daley's assent to the throne. There were plenty of local celebs there, and at 10 grand a table, I sure hope the food was good.

This was last week when they were setting up the tent for last nights gala event.

A pic from last winter. I will miss the view when B-37 is finished, although I think that will be a while.

Last Summer when B-37 hosted Gallery 37.


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