The Aon (Amoco, Standard Oil, you choose...) building is the second tallest building in Chicago after the Sears Tower. (The Hancock is third) I spent some time this past Sunday walking around the tower looking up. This was the tallest building in the world for less than one year before being surpassed by the Sears Tower.

Completed in 1974, this building is great for capturing vanishing points. There are so many vantage points to capture lines literally vanishing into a single point.

When standing at the base looking up at it's 1136 feet of white granite and glass, it has a definite awe inspiring feeling. The original cladding was white carrara marble, however, it was sliced too thin for Chicago winters and began to crack, warp and fall off. It was re-clad in white granite at a cost of 80 million dollars, more than the original cost of the building.

I don't usually post more than three pics, but I shot over 35 photos, and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few, so here is one final one standing with my head in the corner looking straight up.


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