Texture and Pattern...

Clearly by now, most of those who check in on my blog (I know you are out there even if you never comment) know that I am attracted to patterns and texture like a bee to honey. Here are a few shots I took on Monday while walking home from work. First up is the deco grill on the Canal St side of Two North Riverside.

Next we have the grating on the Kinsey St Bridge. If you look carefully, you can see the river below. (And if you look real carefully I am sure the remnants of refuse from the Dave Matthews Tour Bus.)

Vintage Chicago "Pink" Brick on the side of an 1887 Fire House near Franklin and Grand. This wall was put up after the building next to it was built, and now that building is no longer there. (Clearly the original bricklayers were union and probably making $12.50 an hour.)


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