Reflections of Tourism....

I took the long route on my walk home from work tonight, I wanted to take advantage of the extra hour and warmer temps. I ended up wandering an area I generally don't venture due to the extreme number of tourists and suburbanites (same thing). After chuckling at hearing a guy tell his girlfriend how unsafe it is to walk alone in River North, I came across the new McDonalds 2000 (taking the place of the Rock n Roll McD's). The building isn't all that, but I liked the reflections of the Rainforest Cafe and Hard Rock Cafe across the street. I count myself fortunate to have thrived in Chicago without going to any of these.

I think that the Hard Rock Cafe would have been cool when there was like three on the whole planet (New York, London, and Vegas). But now that they are in places like Destin, Florida (Where the f*ck is that, and why would they need a HRC?), it's just not special, and when visiting a city, it would be at the very bottom of my list of places to visit, right after the local landfill.

The new McD's will be big, and very retro, I will probably give a try once, I am certain that after that the glow will have worn off.


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