Pissed at Blogger!

>>>Just need to vent a moment!!!<<<
I am pissed at Blogger at the moment because for the second day in a row, I have not been able to get the pics I am uploading to show up. ( I deleted the post I did tonight, cause what's the point if there are not images to show in a photoblog!?!?)

I have been using this for only a few months, so I am a bit of a newbie, but I am not stupid, and do not believe I am doing this wrong.
Perhaps it is time to look for a better service. Perhaps one that I pay for, then I would have a real excuse to bitch about things they they don't work.

Has anybody else had these problems? Feedback is welcome.


Blogger Todd said...

You rage Buddy! Are you going to the party tonight? I'll buy you a cocktail.

3/25/2005 7:59 PM  
Blogger Collectincat said...

I like the pics I was able to see and wonder if you had considered using Flickr? (www.flickr.com) It is what was suggested, and I find it works fine for me. You upload to Flickr and blog directly from there with the pic. If you don't have a pic, you can just blog here at blogger. I have never tried blogging before, and tried this first so cannot reccomend any other. As my husband says "Garbage in, garbage out" Usually means I did something very minor that caused the mess. Hope you figure it out as I would like to see more.
At Flickr you have a chance for all at the flickr to see the photos, also. They even have 'comments' there too. Like a second place for gathering praise. Coool!

3/26/2005 8:52 AM  

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