BANNED!!! Due to Evildoers

This past week on my way home from work I stopped at the plaza at 10 S Riverside and looked up. The building in the background with the branches had this great stark quality to them. So as I took a few shots, I was tapped on the shoulder by security and informed that this was private property and I was not allowed to take photos. Something about fear of terrorists. (Cause you know, terrorists are always taking pictures of trees with buildings in the background.) This came as no surprise as the same rules apply at the building where I work across the street. I informed the security guard that most terrorists are smart enough to not take pictures in the open, and that if I were one, I probably wouldn't be taking pictures of trees. I then assured the security guard that I would leave, but followed up by telling him that I plan to stand on the sidewalk (where they can't stop me) and take a few hundred pictures of the buildings, and post them to my website along with links to Al Queda. (which I didn't do of course because who has time for that crap.) So, here are a couple of the banned shots I got.

CME (10 & 30 S. Wacker) is reflected in the glass.


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