Unknown Loop Streets # 6... "East Haddock Place"...

In part 6 of what has become my Wednesday postings on Unknown Streets in the Loop, I offer you E. Haddock Place. Parallel between Lake and Wacker, E. Haddock Place is basically a block and half long stretch of very wide alley heading east from State St.

I was totally taken aback by the back side of 10 East Lake Street. Looks like an old substation for Com Ed.

Close up of the back entry at 10 E. Lake.

I suspect the driver of the truck that empties this dumpster might be in need of either a good optometrist, or a drug and alcohol counselor, given the number of times it has been lifted and dropped against the wall.

Looking west from Wabash, the faculty entrance for Harold Washington is on the left.

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