"Unknown Loop Streets #12"... "Rookery Court..."

Not even on the map, and little known... This little half block street is located along the backside of the Rookery Building. Completed in 1888, this is truly an odd yet special building.

Image taken while standing at the center of the block looking towards Adams Street.

The back of the Rookery Building is a very interesting study in architectural history. The Rookery is unique in that is was built during the transition from masonry structures to steel framed structures. This is quite visible on the back south and east sides of the building.

Standing at Adams Street looking south toward the other end of Rookery Ct. Unfortunately the scaffolding has been up for a couple of years (for facade restoration), preventing one from experiencing the sidewalk along the back of the building.

At the corner of Adams and Rookery Ct. A relic from the day's when buildings incorporated the intersections where they sit into the design of the building... Very European indeed...


Blogger Tony Coppoletta said...

You know, I was noticing that sign the other day. I wonder if the street was ever actually officially known as "Rookery Ct," as even maps detailing downtown streets show it as nothing more than an unnamed alley. Then again, most streets in your series here are often shown as just alleys and with their names not listed, even though they are officially recognized by the City of Chicago.

Was it just marketing where Root or his people decided that the alley on the north wall, not having a name, would suddenly have one to keep the design consistent, narcissistically naming it "Rookery Ct" in the masonry? I don't know.

The fact that it's not on any maps though make me think that the building may be misleading us, and that it may really truly be an unnamed alley, since building signs don't necessarily make things official. For example, the building at the northeast corner of Quincy and Wells (just outside the absurd high-security sidewalk space there), says that the north-south street there is Fifth Ave, and we all know that name was changed to Wells like 100 years ago! :)

11/09/2005 9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rookery Court is not listed currently listed on the official Chicago Street Guide, and the historical maps I checked don't have it either.

5/23/2006 1:28 PM  

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