Hello? Hello? 1965? Are you still there?...

Certain aspects of the Daley Center have changed very little since it's completion in 1965 (a special year for those in the know). The Daley Center is in my top five favorite buildings in Chicago, and I feel it is terribly under acknowledged. These original phone booths are in the Pedway near the escalator to the City/County Building. I can only imagine there are but a few dozen users each day in this modern world of cell phones.

These phone booths show the reality of low demand, and no privacy like the ones above. Although I would question cell reception down here.

(As a side note: Security briefly detained me with questions when taking this shot. (They wanted to know if I worked for Ameritech.) I had a conversation with the Sergeant who described the invisible line in which I can take photos, and the area where I can't. These phone booths were too close the security check in for the courthouse, so they are not allowed to be photographed.)


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