Calder, Meis and the Sky II...

A couple of months ago (Feb-17), I posted a few pics I took at the Federal Plaza of the work of Calder and Meis. This past Sunday, I took advantage of the weather and did my best to capture more of the juxtaposition of the curvaceous deep orange/red Calder against the backdrop of the rhythmic simplicity of Meis.

(Read story of being detained again at bottom.)

A bit closer up

One Meis reflecting in the other

Oh, and the sky, what a beautiful sky it was.

I was once again detained while taking photos. While on the East side of the Dirkson Federal Building, I was tapped on the shoulder by a Federal Marshall demanding to know what I was photographing. Being a bit pissed about being interrupted, I just blurted out that I am a private citizen taking photos for my personal use, and he had no right to stop me. Well... He demanded my identification, and led me around to the other side of the building where I had to meet with the supervisor to explain why I was there, and what I was taking photos of. I calmed down a bit, explained that I am an architectural geek, and get off on taking photos of great architecture. All the while the Marshall Guy had my ID. After taking down my address, and running a check on my in the computer, and looking at all of the photos I had on my camera, I was handed my ID, and released. I was required to make sure that I understood that I am allowed to take photos of the building, but I cannot take images of security cameras, entrances, or any other thing related to security. Well, since I could care less about how they do security, I assured them that I would stick to the artistic photos of the building as a whole.
I understand the need to protect our borders, and ensure that Federal Buildings are not blown up or attacked in any other way... But I resent the fact that I no longer have the freedom in this free country to aim my camera any where I want.


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