Blair Kamin and The Tribune Tower (Part II)...

So I came home tonight to a message on my phone with my caller ID saying "Tribune". I first thought... Why are they calling me again? Will they ever leave me alone? I went through such a hassle with their sales people when I subscribed to the paper, and had to beg to get them remove me from the list, and stop calling me.
Turns out it was a message from Blair Kamin. He was requesting the correct spelling of my last name. He is doing an article about people with temporary views. Which would be me... I would be honered to be mentioned in an article by him.

So tonight, I felt the need to dig up a couple of pics of the Tribune Tower (of which I have too few) and also post a rendering of what could have been.

Although a bit dark, I shot this last summer after leaving a bar after a company party with a few drinks under my belt. It was the only one of about a half dozen that even remotely came out.

The Tribune Tower was the result of an international design competition in 1922. My personal first choice would have been this entry by Walter Gropius. It was way ahead of it's time, and I believe would have stood the test of time if given the chance. Imagine such a modern tower in the mid 1920's. Instead they made the "safe" choice, and went with something that was familiar to all, a gothic skyscraper, you know, just like the ones in the middle ages.

(Obviously this is not my photo, so I must admit to swiping it off the net. Thank God for Google Image Search.)


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