When the weather is crappy... Head to the Shedd...

Spent time at the Shedd Aquarium yesterday (along with half population of the region.). It was my first visit since moving her in '99. While I felt the admission price, even with the resident discount, was a bit steep, I had a great time. This in spite of the huge crowds of tourists and suburbanites.

This is a pic of these wonderfully transparent and bright blue glowing fish. I can't remember what species they were, I saw too many fish to remember.

More pretty fish, anemone's and coral.

Penguins having a great time.

My "friend" led me to the Beluga Whale's first when we got there, and then I had to visit them again right before we left.
You can just see the intelligence in their eyes.

I love their "perma smile".

(Don't worry fans, This stray away from architecture is only temporary.)


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