People Watching at the Plensa...

As most of my visitors know, I am generally not much for taking photos of people. (I do buildings better) Today is an exception.

I have been recovering from my third case of bronchitis in the last 8 months, and was clamoring to get out of the house. This being my least favorite weather (at least in winter you can bundle up), I ventured the two blocks from my apartment over to Crown Fountain or as I prefer to call it, the Plensa Fountain (after it's designer Jaume Plensa).

Here are a few shots of some of the people I watched while steaming under the moist sun. This father clearly has his priorities right on target, ignore his little daughter, and take that phone call.

It appears that they now have "Hospitality Services" working the fountain. There were two barefoot "fountain monitors" patrolling the fountain, telling the little ones to stop running.

Clearly his priorities are in the right order. Thumb first, fun in the fountain second.

The super hero's were a nice touch.

Even partially deflated, air filled plastic can be so entertaining. I miss those days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very different from your usual stuff. the action figures are great!

7/17/2005 6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site. I'm a Chicago girl stuck in Phoenix (Schaumburg in the desert)for an undeterminable amount of time. I'm more than a wee bit homesick and enjoy the real-life city views on the site.

Thank you!

7/18/2005 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schaumburg in the Desert - I LOVE IT!!!! Best description of Phoenix i have ever heard.

7/19/2005 7:44 AM  

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