Helicopter Lift Me Up....

This morning I was required to vacate my apartment before 9:00 AM because there was a planned helicopter lift of chiller units from semi's parked on Block 37, to the top of the nearly complete 1 S Dearborn. The top two floors of my building were required to be vacant for a couple of hours, and for my inconvenience, they handed me a $100.00 bill on the way out.

The lift... (1 S Dearborn is in the background.)

Reflection in 1 S Dearborn.

After four lifts, and with only one chiller unit left, they had to re-fuel and left for about 30 minutes. I took advantage of the break, and changed locations to capture the view from MD's office for the final lift. (Thanks, MD...)

Ready for lift off on the final unit.


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