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While walking to the grocery store at Madison and Halsted after work today, I thought it would be nice to capture a few shots of the framework of the LaSalle Bank Building at 540 W Madison. I had taken some at night back in early April, and I wanted some day shots to complement them.

It was while shooting this shot (only my third) that I was informed that I can't take pictures there. Generally when you tell me I can't do something, it just makes me want to do it more, so I stepped onto the sidewalk where they can't touch me and proceeded to snap photos like crazy.

As I was standing on the sidewalk taking this shot, I noticed several security people coming towards me.

Feeling a bit annoyed that this was causing such an unnecessary stir, I started shooting pictures of the inside of the building. Here is a pic of one of the security guards pointing at me, while looking at a different guard.

And this is the guy that tried to intimidate me. Well, didn't work, I am putting these pictures up on the web as I promised the security folks I would. All in all, I got about 30 pictures, mostly of nothing, but that isn't the point.


This is perhaps one of the side effects of the aftermath of 911 that angers me the most (personally that is). It really sucks that I, an ordinary citizen (that doesn't have any reason to blow up buildings) am not able to take photography for the sake of the art of photography. I am not making money off of this, I am only deriving personal pleasure by doing this (and showing the world), so no harm done.


Blogger Todd said...

Hey Devyn, don't take it personally, I bet you gave them some excitement and a sense of self importance on an otherwise dreary day. Little do they understand how they censor your art by doing so though, and deny people like me (in exile away from Chicago) the enjoyment of your site. Keep snappin babe!

5/21/2005 10:59 AM  
Anonymous skialta1@hotmail.com said...

Don't attempt to obtain a loan from them, cannot believe the B.S they put me through in spite of an outstanding credit rating, a home loan with them, more cash deposted in their bank than the amount of the loan requested. They have a system that is archaic and an IT system that crashed both in the Detroit Metro area as well as Chicago during the week of November 19th. Should fire the CFO, go to Radio Shack and but a new system.

11/22/2006 4:05 PM  

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