More Spring to savor...

Walking home from work last week the sun was shining, and spring was in the air.
Today when I was walking home with my umbrella up, bumping into the commuters running through puddles for the train, I couldn't help but think of that sunny day last week.

This image of the back of the "Great Lakes Building" (180 N Wacker, built 1912) shows the ivy springing forth in bright green, a great contrast to the red brick.

The flowers in Daley Plaza are stunning. Although the tulips are on their last legs by now.

More tulips in Daley Plaza.

You will notice a dramatic re-working of my blog. I was using a template from "Blogger" and as nice as it was, it just sucked when I would see other people using the exact same template. So, I created this new look, and with a few hours of futzing in HTML, I can say that nobody has a blog exactly like mine. Your thoughts on the new look?


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