It all began with a red bird....

Recently while killing some time Michael and I wandered to the small garden just south of the main entrance to the Art Institute. While standing there I saw this red bird (of which I have no idea what kind of bird he/she is.... Feel free to help me out folks...). After several attempts to photograph this lively bird that wouldn't sit still for me, I began to photograph other parts of this fountain known as "The Fountain of the Great Lakes" by Lorado Taft (1860-1936).

Well, that was the only photo of the red bird that came out clear enough to post. Once the bird flew away, I began to look at the fountain through my zoom, and took several more images. Here are some other close ups of the fountain. I love the patina that different areas have developed over the years.

Those who know me, know that I am not usually booby obsessed, but this woman's bosoms are quite interesting.

A full on shot of her boobs, nicely proportioned, and perky as well (which I am certain would be the envy of many a woman). Her hand reaching out in the upper corner of the image is almost as if she is saying, stop starring!

And finally a full on of the fountain sculpture itself. Completed in 1913, it came about as a result of a remark made by Daniel Burnham at the Columbian exhibition of 1893. He commented about the sculptors of the fair not having done any work in which the Great Lakes was taken into account.


Anonymous W said...

da bird loks like a cardinal to me, which is the state bird of IL

5/30/2005 1:12 PM  

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