The end of an era for Parking Garage Fans....

The Hotel LaSalle Public Garage, considered to be the oldest parking of it's kind in the US has officially closed as of Monday, 2/14/05. Opened in 1918, this was a whole new type of structure, with no previous design history. Sadly, it was built to park Model T's, and not today's cars. The owners said that it wasn't possible to retrofit it for the modern world.
While this may not seem like much to many, it is sad in a sorta "another piece of Chicago history lost" way.
Here is more on it's history: http://www.landmarks.org/chicago_watch_2004_3.htm

I had plans many many times over the past few years to take some time and get over to the garage with my camera, and my handycam to capture the sign lit up and blinking it's way along. I had these thoughts as recently as last week. Well, too late now, I waited too long.

View from West

View from East. Posted by Hello


Blogger Iwanski said...

I always liked that building.

By the way, this a great website. Good work! I will definitely be back.

3/08/2006 8:52 PM  

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