Back from Hell (Phoenix)

Phoenix was everything I expected... and less. This picture pretty much sums up Phoenix in that 95% of the city looks like this.

The juxtaposition of Walgreens and mountains can be quite disconcerting.

One lesson I learned is that wherever there are large collections of palm trees, there are usually trailers nearby.

I promise to offer more of my trip over the next several days. I had a blast in Arizona, but was quite underwhelmed by Phoenix.


Blogger The Metro Sapien said...

Having been visiting the "valley of the sun" for roughly 10 years now to see friends and family, I can firmly attest that Phoenix is an architectural minefield. Phoenix is Schaumburg on a much larger scale...with palm trees, of course. It's an insignificant city that lives in denial of its water supply’s capacity.

6/01/2006 10:52 PM  

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