Going to HELL (Phoenix)

I am going to the desert for the weekend (well, really Phoenix, but isn't it pretty much the same as the desert? A sprawling abyss of nothing.) so I felt I should post the antithesis of the desert. (Besides, I don't have a pic of the desert.) This pic is from when I lived in Edgewater and this was the view from my place one morning back in March of 2002. Not very desert like, but familiar to us all.

I may not have good access to a computer, and I certainly won't be able to post pics, so I will be back next week...


Blogger Todd said...

Hi Devyn,

I dig your blog, it has become a new daily read of mine. (thus I linked you if that is o.k.) Be careful in HELL. Just remember, if you smoke then the desert is the worlds biggest f++king ashtray.

2/26/2005 7:52 PM  

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