Let the Shopping Begin...

As much as I love living in the Loop (and I can't imagine living any where else at this point in my life), there are moments when the daily comings and goings from my apartment are a pain in the ass. So begins five weeks of "Dodge the Shopper". Now, don't get me wrong, I want all 8.5 million Chicagoland residents, and their visiting relatives, to come down here and experience the joys of the city. Even better if they max out their credit cards here, instead of at their local mall. But, that doesn't negate the challenges posed by folks who aren't used to being pedestrians, having little experience crossing streets full of vehicle traffic, and happily giving money to saxophone players sorely in need of lessons. In the end, it is the price I must endure for living in paradise, and fortunately for me, my paradise returns in five weeks.

I have had a request for holiday pictures of Marshall Field's last holiday as Marshall Field's. So not to disappoint, here are a few shots I took yesterday and today. I promise more will come. You can be sure I will do my best to document the transition from Field's to Macy's

This shot taken last night as the snow was coming down on the holiday shoppers.

Here is the crowd as seen tonight.

Earlier today, I was on Randolph and snapped this image of the line of people waiting to see the windows. While the windows are fantastic, I am so thankful not to have to wait in line to see them.

Nearby, the Chicago Theater moments ago as I was creating this posting. Note the sea of heads below the marquee.

Also currently going on is tonight's performance of Wicked.


Anonymous Trisha said...

I ran across your post on Wacker Tower while googling it. I am a Historic Preservation student and my class actually went inside a few weeks ago. I could possibly get you a few photos of the interior if you were interested.


11/28/2005 3:53 PM  

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