Death of a Billboard...

The billboard atop the old Loop Theater Building at State and Randolph has been a fixture for decades, and as of 7:22 this morning, it is history...

I was taking shots of the ground breaking set up for Block 37 when I noticed the severe lean on the big billboard.

Closer up you can see the sparks flying from the acetylene torch.

Going, Going...

Gone. Wow, I have a new temporary view of the painted Chicago Theater sign.

They have been demolishing the building to make way for MOMO, a cool new condo building with a stupid name.


Anonymous Geoff said...

I wasn't even aware that demo had started! From the street it looks as if nothing's going on at the site!

Thanks for the great shots Dev! BTW - I think I saw you crossing State the other day... you gave me that "I think I know you" glance.

11/16/2005 12:54 AM  

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