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I just got back from a visit with the 'rents in Sacramento last night. It had been too long since my last trip to where I grew up.
I am sure what most (if anything) people have heard about Sacramento hasn't been all that favorable, but I can assure you that if you went, you would be pleasantly surprised. This really is a city, a small one, but none the less, a real one.

Here are a few images I took over the past few days. To start... The ubiquitous California shot.

The ubiquitous Capitol City shot (and workplace of the "Govenator")

Looking west down Capitol Mall, towards Tower Bridge, at sundown.

The artsy version of the same view.

And lastly, Sacramento has a wonderful selection of still functioning neon. The exceptionally mild weather allows these signs with little maintenance to survive for decades.

The Crest Theater is no longer showing first run movies, but after being shuttered for several years, I was glad to see it alive again.

Final shot... Crest Theater


Anonymous Mike Doyle said...

I went to Sacto with Devyn expecting all the badmouthing the city gets from coastal Californians to be true. I was totally blown away by the city. It's gorgeous! Big, functioning downtown! Trees for days! Lots of historical sites and cultural institutions. And completely walkable (downtown, midtown) and transit friendly. Totally would go back, it's a very worthy destination.

11/06/2005 7:18 PM  

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