Random Mondays 11.01.05 (?)...

OK, So it's really Tuesday... Yesterdays post was too date specific to postpone.

The first picture I am putting was taken last night at Daley Plaza (see last nights post), note the comparison to the second image taken this evening, as I was walking home from work.

Although the image from tonight is a bit blurry (I can't carry my tripod everywhere), this is a huge change from last night. (Note: The next time you see water in the fountain, it will be green for St. Patricks Day.)

More random-ness here....
I was noticing just how much detail there is at the top of the Jewelers Building. The large room in the dome is used as a conference/presentation room for Murphy Jahn.

Close up of the top of Aon, 2 Pru, and the Carbon and Carbide buildings. The last two images were taken at different times from the roof of east tower, Marina City.

View of the city from just outside the Lincoln Park Zoo from a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit too postcard for me, but it is pretty none the less.


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