Nice Day for a Parade...

So thought 1.75 million people...

I wasn't able to take much time away from the office (Damn meetings and work) to attend the ticker tape parade on LaSalle Street, but I did manage to get away long enough to walk down to Jackson and Canal to see the motorcade.

Here we see the team members in double decker buses heading towards LaSalle Street.

Conveniently... They placed signs on the fronts of all of the busses to let people like me know who the heck we are looking at. That said, I knew this was Ozzie Guillen and Konerko at the front of this bus.

The tail end of the motorcade heading towards the parade.

While I may not have been able to get over to LaSalle Street, a co-worker did, and she brought this back to the office.

Special guest photo credit goes to Lila Licea. Thanks Lila!

Oh, BTW... If you want to see some fantastic images of the parade, check out Chicagoist' Team Photo Coverage over at Flickr


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