Random Mondays 10.24.05...

Looking for images to use in my third post of Random Mondays, I wanted to really be random. Since this is an architecture focused blog, I felt I should include at least a couple of building images, but I also wanted to find a couple of other images to post as well... So here goes... I will probably tinker with the formula for Random Mondays, but any input from my readers is encouraged.

Standing between east and west towers on the plaza of Marina City looking straight up, last Sunday.

Zebra's ass, at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Top of Tribune Tower. This image has always been elusive for me. I have made multiple attempts, but not to great success. The angle of this one is a bit off, but the lighting of the top is quite a bit closer to what I have been trying to capture. I will keep trying...

Fish with cigarette butt. This past Saturday, we were along the Fox River in St. Charles where I found this pile of dead fish.


Anonymous pck said...

why have a formula for Random Mondays? If you have a great picture you want to share - I say just share it. The rest of your architectural focus surely makes up for any questioning of dead fish by your readers. Great site by the way - thanks.

10/26/2005 1:25 PM  

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