Random Mondays 10.10.05...

In my collection of thousands of images taken in and around the Loop, I have hundreds of images that are for the most part random. They were not taken as part of any project, subject, or any other reason in particular, other than being images that just caught my eye.
So, I decided to begin a weekly series of post called "Random Mondays". This will give me a chance to feature images which don't fit with other posts, yet deserve to be shared.

First up... Last week was "Festival Italiano" at Daley Plaza. I couldn't help but snap this picture of classical David in midst of absolute modernism, which is Daley Plaza.

Perched out on the edge.... This worker was found working on the top of Carson Pirie Scott last week. They are finishing up a complete restoration of the exterior of this historic building by Louis Sullivan (including restoration of the missing cornice).
It feels as though there has been scaffolding up for years (its been at least since 2003), but they are supposed to be finished in time for "Day After Thanksgiving Sales".

Swing dancing at Federal Plaza. Seen yesterday afternoon, dozens of people dancing in a part of town that is usually quite vacant on a Sunday afternoon.


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