While we were sitting around this morning reading the Sunday paper, drinking strong coffee, and dining on pancakes (buckwheat w/pure maple syrup) and sage sausage from Whole Foods, there were about 40,000 people running outside my front door. The crowd stayed pretty heavy for quite a while...

But, even with that many runners, you can see that the sidewalks along Randolph St and on State St along Block 37 were pretty vacant. It was after all, only 8:15 on a Sunday morning.

The image is a bit fuzzy, but this poor woman was in last place followed up by the police escort, at the time she came past my place. Given that about one in six runners don't make it to the finish line, I suspect this was not to be her day. At least she tried, which is more than I can say while I sat eating my pancakes and watching.


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