Nighttime at Daley Center...

Daley Center is one of my favorite buildings in the city, and a lot of fun to photograph. There are endless angles to capture its modernist aesthetic.

I had the opportunity last week to take images from the upper floor of a nearby building, and shot about 60 images in 15 minutes. Here are a few of the pics I shot.

The Picasso is sitting all alone with only the security guard looking on. This is actually out of the ordinary, there are usually several kids out skateboarding in the plaza.

Looking past the Hotel Burnham (left) the fountain looks otherworldly with sharp peaks of cotton-like water.

Back up to the upper floors. Part of what make this building so great to photograph is the nearly identical original lighting on each floor. I have dozens of images of just the lighting on multiple floors. In this image, I love the diplomas (certificates?) on the office wall (right center).


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