Macy's on State?... I don't think so!...

Add another nail to the coffin of individuality... For those that spent the day under a rock, Federated, the new owner of Marshall Fields, announced today that they will be deleting Marshall Fields from Chicagoland and replacing it with "Miracle on 34th Street". Only it's a miracle how they think that Chicagoans will tolerate a name change.

If you are interested in letting Federated know your thoughts, the address is here at Chicagoist. You can also add your name to the online petition KeepItFields.com

These images taken this past January during a snow storm exemplifies how it would be, the moment when hell froze over and Chicagoans flocked to "Macy's on State".

The Clock on the SW corner was actually attached to the previous incarnation of Fields that stood here before the current structure was completed in the early 1900's.

As you can tell, it was 11:16 PM, on that blizzardy January 22nd. I had a blast tromping through the snow falling in the vacant streets, taking more than 60 pictures before the stroke of midnight.


Blogger -- I said...

I really dig that 2nd picture. The clock with the flag poles behind it in the snow.... mmm, creepy!

9/21/2005 1:31 PM  
Anonymous graphite said...

Hear,hear on the demise of geographical identity. It amazes me how common the citizens of this society yearn to be.

We have ony ourselves to blame as lethargic consumer lemmings as we sit idly by and watch the de-evolution of not only our own Chicago identity, but other geographically unique environments as well.

It's disgusting to see yet another NYC brand come in and stake claim in our city. If I wanted to live in NYC then I would move there.

Thank God I still have some common sense.

9/26/2005 1:31 PM  

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