Bare Bulbs in the Loop...

Having now taken hundreds of walks around the Loop with my camera, I have seen my fair share of bare light bulbs. The humble bare "Edison Bulb" is becoming less of a common sight than you would think.

Little did I know when I shot this just a few months ago in May, it wouldn't be there now. The Sign was recently replaced with a less than aesthetically pleasing plastic sign back-lit with fluorescent bulbs.

Taken in a service alley off of LaSalle St near Monroe.

Currently under restoration, the (LaSalle Bank) Shubert Theater on Monroe near State is where I found these bulbs. The Theater is currently undergoing restoration, so I doubt they still exist outside the exit in the alley.

These bulbs were found on Van Buren near Wells (I think). I was trying to focus on the pigeon, but the bulbs turned out better. (Besides, there are plenty of pigeons in the Loop, and unlike the bare bulb, there always will be.)


Blogger Zach said...

Check out the light bulbs on the ceiling in the station houses on the Quincy Street platform. Part of me wants to believe they've been there since the station was built.

9/29/2005 11:15 AM  

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