Looking back at the city...

We all have seen the lake from the shore, but it isn't often that most of us get to see the city from the lake. This past week I went on a work/department outing on the lake for a three hour cruise. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, and the water a bit rough, but I enjoyed the trip none the less (even with the Bud Lite).

This shot of McCormick Place from the lake is a great way to see it's incredible roof structure from a distance. I love this building, I consider it an example of good design for the late 60s.

OK, so this isn't looking at the city, but the sea of sail boats seems endless.

I have taken this shot several times, but every time I am out on the lake, I try to get an even better one. This time it was challenging due to the rocking of the boat, and this isn't one of my better ones, but I like it anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh! I like the contrast of the blue-ish/grey sky with the green of the Lake.

And Big John seems very tall in that picture.

Regardless, it's a great pic!


9/02/2005 1:29 AM  

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