Blue Skies, are Blue...

While taking a leisurely walk home today, I couldn't help but take note of the incredible sky above. Perfect for picture takin! Puffy li'l clouds, and blue, blue, blue....

Here is a shot of the Boeing building from the Washington St Bridge.

191 N Wacker, a well done building completed in 2002.

150 N Wacker on the left, and 191 N Wacker on the right with blue sky blue above.

333 W Wacker was a triumph of post modernism when it was completed in 1983. It is still a nice building more than 20 years later.

The back side of 333 Wacker on the corner of Lake and Franklin.


Anonymous Tim said...


While looking at the Blue Sky photos .. I couldn't help but remembering the scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," when they had just parked the car in the parking garage, and walked out.

It showed the blue sky, the tops of the buildings, and all of the beautiful architecture that was a head of them for the day...

The Loop .. Chicago ... My kind of town.


12/13/2005 9:27 PM  

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