The "Bean" is Back... Almost...

Cloud Gate is once again accessible to the public at Millennium Park, at least for a while.

Oh to hell with it.... It's the "Bean!" (Sorry, Anish, while "Cloud Gate" is more cerebral, the "Bean" just makes more sense.) I took some time this evening to capture a few shots on it's first full weekend of being available for complete viewing since last January.

20 million dollars later, and the seams are gone! Well, sorta, while there really is very little distortion where the seams were ground down and polished, it isn't perfect.... But I can live with the imperfections.

As annoying as it is to have your own neighborhood over run with tourists (which is OK, as long as they spend all of their money in the city), I get a chuckle out of seeing the reactions in their faces as they see the "Bean" along with other MP attractions.

Act now, for a brief time (supposedly the month of Sept), you too can actually walk under the "Bean" before it is blocked to finish the "ompholos" over winter.


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