Katrina!?! What a Bitch!!!...

This post is off topic for my blog, but I felt it was necessary to put my plea out there to help these people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

There are now links on the right where you can make a donation to various charities and organizations. Please consider giving money to help. The McCormick Tribune Foundation will match your gift with 50% up to a million dollars, and Best Buy will match it dollar for dollar.

In reflection of the hundreds of thousands of people that now have no home to go to after Katrina, I remembered a picture I took last March of a man who couldn't even show his face. He actually had it better than those in New Orleans, at least he is dry.

I will be taking the next few days off, have a great weekend, and do something for Katrina's victims. Even if it is only prayer.

(Thanks Corncobber, for suggesting I copy your Katrina Relief "html" links.)


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