Hotel LaSalle Public Garage, Finally Gone...

This past February, I did a post about the Hotel LaSalle Public Garage and it's closing as of 2/14/05. Well, it is officially gone... I have been chronicling the demolition of this oddly historic structure since this past February.

(linked from: http://www.landmarks.org/chicago_watch_2004_3.htm)

Opened in 1918, this was a whole new type of structure, with no previous design history. Sadly, it was built to park Model T's, and not today's cars. The owners said that it wasn't possible to retrofit it for the modern world.

Taken on this past Valentines day, the first workday it was officially closed.

In mid March, the scaffolding was up, the wrecking ball was only days away...

Close up of the scaffolding, the pattern created was pretty cool in a sad way.

Taken in April, the top is off and it is beginning to come down.

By the 11th of May, there was very little left.

As of today, the scaffold is down (some of it for the first time in years) is finally gone. I remember the sidewalk covering going up in 1999 when I first moved here.



Blogger John said...

That's a shame. For a parking garage, it had a character that could have enabled it to be retrofitted to other uses, like loft apartments. But, this city loves to tear stuff down.

9/14/2005 11:53 AM  

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